Zung Zung Zungbah, blabbing off at something again. Ugh.

Zung Zung Zungbah is a Bubuh and the rival of Zing Zing Zingbah. He is the servant of Do.


Zung Zung Zungbuh was the third Bubuh created. When he came out, the Telotubs wanted him to be theirs, so they tried to spray paint him their color. Umbuh and Zmbuh wanted to be higher on the od chain, so they tried to spraypaint Zung Zung Zungbuh their colors, too. Zung Zung Zungbuh became a mess of colors, but Do managed to get him, because he spit fire at Zung Zung Zungbuh and he was forced into submission because he didn't want to die. After that whole ordeal, Zung Zung Zungbuh started talking a lot. He talked so much, even Do didn't like him. The Telotubs eventually killed him because he talked too much. Hey, if this guy was talking nonstop 24/7, even when you were trying to sleep, you'd be pissed too, so cut the Telotubs some slack.


Zung Zung Zungbuh is very annoying and INCREDIBLY talkative. No, seriously. HE TALKS SO MUCH. He can talk for 5087 hours straight. We've counted. And even then, he'll only stop to take a breath. Then, more talking. That means that out of a year, you only get around two seconds of peace and quiet. No wonder the Telotubs are in such bad shape. This fool is making them go insane! Ugh.


He is dead.

He is ugly.

He is...uh...stupid.

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