Zombie Dask

Zombie Dask. He's sickly green, so you know he's an actual zombie.

Gender: Male
Alive or Dead?: Revived
Death: Killed by Master Chief, but respawned
Likes: Nothing
Dislikes: Nothing
Known For: Spreading the zombie disease
Powers: Regeneration

Bad Breath

UnRank: 666666

Zombie Dask is one of the many Dask clones created by the Combinatron. He was created by fusing Dask as a base with one of many materials, in this case zombie DNA.

Zombie Dask has lost all personality and acts just like a zombie. His growing and shrinking abilities have increased a little bit and he has gained several new abilities, including rapid regeneration, invulnerability to pain, and toxic fumes. He can also infect people and turn them into zombies just by being near them. DO NOT approach this creature! It WILL kill you!

Cyborg Dask is his rival.

After Creation

Zombie Dask went to Tokyo and basically acted like Shin Godzilla, causing mass destruction and turning many civilians into zombies. Finally, Zombie Dask and his army were killed by Master Chief and ironically, Cyborg Dask. He respawns a few times every century, but he is stopped again after one or two years.

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