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Lemur Night out in Zobooland


The Zooboland flag

Zobooland is a remote, hidden area in Number Island, made as a refugee for Number Islandian animals. It is completely off the 1234567890's radars, and they have no idea of the place's existence. It's not a country, and is in the south western area, it even has a desert and giant alpines.

When the 1234567890 went to this island in 17 AD, they used kung fu on the native wildlife, very few native creatures remained. But then, Eye Monkey Zoboomafoo evacuated all of the remaining creatures to his safe haven, he set off the landmines there beforehand so that nobody got hurt. The area now houses all the remaining creatures, including bizarre plant-life and other things.

Bowser soon found the sanctuary, and tried to take it over and have the Bowser Empire annex the area, the ensuing commotion caught the attention of the 1234567890, who tried to Energy Blast the area apart, but the 3 Eyed Koala, another fellow Eye Monkey visiting, petrified the numbers and threw them into the sea. Once they got out, they forgot that Zobooland even existed.

Flora and Fauna

  • All creatures from when Number Island was still called, "Madagascar".
  • Some various bizarre creatures like apline dwelling primates, giant dinosaurs, a chimera of aquatic creatures and an alien squid.
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