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Zeus... happy...

Zeus is the great lord of the sky, the king of the Ancient Geeks, former Daedra, and best friends with God. He is the alter-ego of Odin, and the adoptive son of Chuck Norris. He is the most powerful of all the gods in Sparta. It is because of him that Leonidas screamed "THIS IS SPARTA!" Zeus also thinks he knows what the ladies like, but he doesn't.

Zeus was born to some creepy guy who was some sorta evil god or something for a daddy. The evil god guy tried to eat Zeus, but Zeus' mommy saved him so Zeus grew up and beat the crap out of his evil daddy. Zeus then proclaimed himself king of all the gods, so Chuck Norris gave him Sparta to shut him up.

Zeus has since had kids with lotsa different people. He is also kinda a jerk sometimes like when he shoots lightning at innocent people for fun. He is also nice when he shoots lightning at bad guys for fun. Then sometimes he just shoots lightning at nothing in particular. He just likes to shoot lightning because he's a big jerk.