Zero Death

Kirby sending Zero to Hell!!!

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Zero is the giant evil eye that shoots blood at his enemies. He controlled the mass of Dark Matter before Kirby sent him to Hell with his powerful wand.

Before Popstar Crisis

Zero was born from a little piece of evil, Giygas lost when he did something random. Piece of evil transformed into the huge eye. He learned how to make evil from his mind and created some Dark Matter to help him. He wanted to take over Giygas' Empire, but he knew that he cannot face off the lord of evil himself. So he started trainning on little planetoids, because huge planets were destroed by Giygas. He created a space station, named Hyper Zone. One time he found a little star named Planet Popstar.

Popstar Crisis

Popstar Crisis started when Zero send Dark Matter to Popstar. Many monsters mutated and started to battle Kirby. Kirby and his friends cleaned the planet, untill they found all Hyper Stars. Kirby jumped in the Hyper Zone AND PWN3D ZERO AND SEND HIM TO HELL!!! DIE!!!

Zero's Soul

Zero's Soul found the way from Hell (but his dead body didn't). His soul wanted revenge and decided to meet Lord of Evil. Giygas was H...A...P...P...Y... when he saw his son come back from the dead (remember, Zero was born from Giygas' piece of evil) and supported Zero. He gave him new body and God-like status. Zero Two was recreated from Zero's Soul, looking alot like an onion with bloody wings and a halo on his head.

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