Rabbi Phann

Zendy's is the organization/food company behind the fake chain they call Wendy's. They are like this because they see their expensive food as something only intelligent people are worthy of, thus 75% of America buys the very cheap products of Wendy's for way too much money, because they don't know any better. Zendy's serves all of their food with a zesty and zany taste, which 25% percent of the meat is a drug or radioactive chemical.

Their latest innovation is the hamberder, zesty and zany versions of the big mac, thus the superior version.

Zendy's is very secretive about their hamberder making processes.  The only thing they said about the tastiness inside is to watch Food, Inc. and imagine something worse.  But don't worry, something this good can't be bad, right?  Right?!?!?

They recently opened their 1,000,000th restaraunt on January 4, 1689, employing over 100 people. This is part of their "Monitor Everyone" policy where they are next door neighbors to every single other person.

As of now, they are doing a rewards policy where every 100,000 intelligent person to poop out a hamberder into their toilet get's a half off anything coupon, where they can literally go to any store and buy something for full price and get a whole half of that product.

UPDATE: They are now opening a burrito bar with options of meat, bread, olives, beans, rice, chips, dead Americans, and stupid clothing!

The official opening is set on 9/5/19, or -12/40/23 in Australia.

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