Yuuki Kataoka (1966-1995) can easily be described as quite possibly one of the most notorious heroin addicts in history. Yuuki is most notable for being the first addict to associate the word "taco" with
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Kataoka as she appeared in 1982.

"heroin" - using a legal Spanish delicacy as a mask to hide the fact that she was a junkhead. Her addiction caused her to have a very odd side-effect for heroin; extreme hyperactivity and borderline insanity. In 1995, Kataoka was found dead in her own backyard, wasting away in a gutter. According to later experiments, she had shot nearly 13 heroin needles in the same morning and as a result, overdosed thereafter. Kataoka is infamous for bringing tacos to the public eye, specifically by using them as a cover up to the heroin substance she devoured.

Early life

Early in life, Yuuki was a girl with a dream; several of those, in fact. Such dreams included becoming a paranoid schizophrenic, a pianist, becoming a tailer, having sex with Trent Reznor, becoming a paranoid schizophrenic, eating often, loving a lot, laughing often, becoming a paranoid schizophrenic, and becoming a paranoid schizophrenic. All of these goals did not go as planned; except, perhaps, for the last one listed.

Kataoka, in 1975, at the age of nine walked into a Brooklyn back alley and into a desertd convenience store. There, she gained access to leftover heroin needles and as a result of shooting them the following night, lead her into her downward spiral of addiction and insanity.

The authorities - and her friends and family - were unaware of Kataoka's drug abuse until she reached the age of eleven. Upon being discovered in an alley, she fled frantically and was not seen again until years later. Whilst on a plane to Nagano, she was discovered under a mask for a disguise but quickly, with the convenient addition of a taco-themed jetpack, broke open the plane window and flung herself out.

Kataoka landed in a small village besides Nagano, named Sumikiyo. There, as she wandered the woods, she came face to face to a girl with HONKIN' HUGE TITS named Nodoka Haramura. Yuuki quickly got along with her, and Nodoka was curious to see how well this heroin worked. Nodoka took a shot of it, but quickly dropped dead in the middle of the woods. Yuuki, now knowing she could not stay for long without being found, began to flee once again.

After a struggle with the authorities and government for the next years of her life, Kataoka was found lying dead in a gutter behind her secluded Wyoming home. Nearly (one of them was half a needle) 13 of the needles were injected that morning, thus killing her almost instantly due to extremely intense overdose. Nobody attended her funeral.

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