Not to be confused with the Illuminati.

The YouTube Illuminati logo. The eye actually watches you (probably).

The YouTube Illuminati (also known as the Youtubinati, the Googlinati, or Multi-Channel Networks), is a list of 37 (known) corporations that make almost all the popular stuff on YouTube. Their reach spans the entire UnWorld, from the United States of UnAmerica to the Squadala Empire. They own lotsa stuffs on YouTube and work with many powerful entities to maybe, just maybe, come close to controlling the entire Internet. Of course, they all answer directly to Google.

The YouTube Illuminati's authority has recently been challenged by an upstart group of YouTubers called the Galactic YouTube Trolling Crew, which they violently oppose because of some prophecy that they will rise to power in about a century and a half from the present day, leaving the YouTube Illuminati in the dust. They are currently working with the world's top experts on all things past and future to make sure this doesn't actually happen, but Nobody thinks they will succeed.

Countries They Have Connections In

Stuff (and People) They Own

Stuff They Don't Own


Stuff They've Done

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