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YouTube's logo (after Google took over).

" We now OWN YouTube, and PWN those little F***ing users to GET 'LOTSA MONEE! "

YouTube is a website where you can upload videos, and is known for YouTube Poops, which often have Mario, Luigi, and The King in it doing randumb things.

The site claims to have a wide variety of content, including videos of conspiracy theories, video game videos, AMV's, and fake celebrity sightings, as well as amateur content such as, well, you know, amateurs, doing... stuff. About 90% of the videos contain copyright material, and that sometimes leads to trouble

YouTube constantly tries to hide YouTube Poops, because they believe that it is the "weird part" of YouTube, even though most YTPs are better than their "popular videos."

YouTube is also the home of many other creatures and recluses of the internet. We do not know who these people are or what they want, but we know they will kill you. Run. Run now.

YouTube Poop

Youtube Poop is a series of awesome videos or episodes uploaded to YouTube. It contains lot of awesomeness and stupidity. YouTube is popular because people only care about YouTube Poop. They don't care about useless videos about gaming and stuff. All they care is YouTube Poop because YouTube Poop is awesome.