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Mario.png HEY STINKY!!

Hey You! Don't-a be a stinky Bowser! Press-a this link and watch my-a magical cleaning video today!
That's you!
Full name: Captain 1 (lol not you Visitor I'm talking about the real captain 1)
Gender: Any
Hair color: Could be any
Alive or Dead?: Either alive, or possibly dead.
Likes: Could be anything
Dislikes: Could be anything
Powers: Typically none, but sometimes
Alignment: Stupid
UnRank: Various
Promotion: NONE DUMMY!!
" You is quite simply, you! "
  —You, reading you
" I am weird, dumb and I'm also a photographer "
  —You, being stupid
" I am thou. "
  —Thou, beingst cringeth

That's right, that's you, Visitor! The ugliest girl, guy or whomever, to ever live in Stupid City as of right now! Idiot! We know all about you! And you're the only inhabitant that has intellect other than the robbers because you have an iq of 10. You didn't ask for this. You didn't choose this. Yet, there it is.

You have apparently been to a lot of places, seen many things and many things seem to revolve around You, including yourself. You also seem to have a missing brain.

Probably most of your life so far has been boring and useless, but don't worry, it might get better. It probably won't though.

You watching yourself, also picking your nose

Your Mom is your mother (duh). Also, Ducky probably is your father! Or Dark Ducky is... or maybe it's Squadala Man... or Weegee... or somebody... I don't know... or John McCain. Perhaps it's AINAI... maybe even nobody. MAYBE YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE PARENTS!

You could also be...... ME!!! (or Gabe)

You are also a hobo, living on the damn streets of Palm City, homeless, you are too poor to afford a house.

You are just sitting in your chair like a complete jerk. Why don't you get out of your house and enjoy some sun? Or go relax on the beach? ...Wait. That's right.

Wait, no...this is you...... You

So, Visitor, are you impressed how much we know about you? Probably not at all. Because Something's missng.


  • You can't even walk! Can you?
    • Do you like how I walk?
    • Do you like how I talk?
    • Do you like how my face disintegrates into chalk?
  • When you were a child, you always threw tantrums because you wanted ice cream or McDonald's.
  • You drive the worst shitbox in the world, you should buy a Land Rover Defender, then run your Allroad and Kia over, just like Doug Demuro.
  • This one is here so the trivia section doesn't look tiny.
  • You are also a horny bitch. Go directly to Horny Jail. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.
  • You are WANTED.
  • You are an imposter.
  • You could also not be ugly and fat.
  • Your face is also the WORST in Koridai!
  • ur missng
  • You are a boyfriend. Wait.... that's not right, you don't have a Girlfriend.
  • You are also very stinky! Take a shower or try mario's shampoo video! https://youtu.be/BB2WTMpXjS4
  • You have burger king foot fungus.
  • You play amogus a unspecified video game such as google chrome