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it's him
Scientific name: Yoshisaurini
Habitat: A Garden of Pure Ideology, Yoshi's Island
Natural range: Worldwide
Time alive: 65- mya-present
Size: Black
Edible? yes
Tastes like: Bubble Gum (all other colors)

Grape Kool-Aid (Black Yoshi)

Preys on: Teletubbies
Intelligence: Rarely
Conservation status: Least Concern (There's too many!)
Alignment: UnAligned
UnRank: 5,000

Yoshis are small dinosaurs that lives in Mushroom Kingdom and on Yoshi's Island. They are known for hanging out with Mario and their participation in the Yoshi Island Scandal. Even though they can fly, they are very lame, and only very rarely know how to talk.

Yoshi, formerly the species' holotype, lives in Dinosaur World and was originally born millions of years ago. This Yoshi is by far the most important one, but the other ones are good at some things. No, not really. All of the cloned Yoshis are pathetic and useless.


The real Yoshi is usually the only one who appears in Mario shames. He once almost ate Princess Peach; however, during the scandal escaped and his dinner left so he could go with Mario. Mario ditched him, so Yoshi wandered the streets until he found Invisible Cat. Yoshi hates cats, but Invisible Cat showed him where a McDonald's was, so Yoshi lived there for a while.

After a while, he married Birdo and had 1,000 kids. Despite all of this, he became a member of the Fantastic Four after escaping prison for being "homeless" (apparently dumpsters aren't homes, but Bowser's police are jerks). He loves collecting guns and shoots people as a hobby. Yoshi got mutated once right before the release of Yoshi's Book, where he fell into toxic waste. Soon, he became known as New Yoshi. Before Yoshi was transformed that epic fail plumber tried to drop him of a cliff.

Yoshi hid out in the darkest corners of Mushroom Kingdom, with only three bones that aren't broken, most of his organs replaced with cybernetic parts, and a disease that made him go crazy. Eventually, he died of Purple Pi, but luckily he had an extra life.

He is a fan of Weird Al. He also has Mario's Cap, and has committed tax fraud.

Mario, how could you?



  • Yoshis are parthenogenic. If You don't know what this means, you may have a mild case of Stupid.
  • Yoshis are half dragon, half idiot and half dinosaur.
  • Yoshis evade taxes so yeh