The Yolk Star is some sort of Death Star ripoff made by the Galactic Chickens. It is however, far stronger then the Death Star as it can open black holes at will. He usually sits behind the sun and waits for something interesting to happen since this thing is a LIVING Death Star. He hates a talking spaceship that's also living and likes pushing it into a black hole with blue lasers whenever it comes by. He also has a under construction sign near him cause the chickens never bother to remove it, but in the picture below, it's meant to be there. It was replaced by a different sign for a few minutes but it was quickly replaced with the under construction sign again.

He was eventually destroyed by the spaceship but is currently being rebuilt by the Galactic Chicken Empire. It is rumored that he completely died but we know this is false because his body is being rebuilt behind the sun and then they need to spend days trying to find the living part of him, which flew INTO the sun after being defeated.

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