Yo Gabba Gabba

From left to right: Toodee, Foofa, Plex, DJ Lance, Brobee, and Muno.

The Yo Gabba Gabba consists of five/six beings. By rainbow, we go from Muno (The red cyclops)(Usually the leader), Plex (The yellow robot), Brobee (The, I don't know. Tree?), Toodee (The blue wolf-cat), and Foofa (The pink flower thingy). Their name comes from the phrase DJ Lance says to summon them.

DJ Lance Rock is sometimes included, he created them anyways, that sorta makes him the 6th member. He is sometimes the leader of the group, and is whenever he's around.

According to DaTenthGate, the original five gave him a Super Sentai vibe.

Speaking of which, these guys heard the rangers assembling two mechas (One consisting of dinosaurs, the other consisting of trains) after the rangers were demoted into colored puffballs. Their mecha was called "YoGab Bah-Oh", which consisted of five different creatures and vehicles.

Mono's Red Battleship formed the torso, Toodee's blue Dragon formed the right arm, Brobee's Green Elephant formed the left arm, Foofa's Pink Helicopter formed the right leg, and Plex's Yellow Tank formed the left leg; in order to form YoGab Bah-Oh.

They're satanists themselves, but aren't members of the Satanist Empire because Googolplex hates them so f***ing much. This is due to them being just plain annoying.

Only two of these members are lewd, that is Toodee and Muno.

They also have Mr. Lizard as a minion. They also kidnapped DJ Loose and turned him into their minion instead of a Zingzilla.

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