YkniW ykniT
Reverse Tinky Winky

Gender: Male
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: Green
Species: Teletubby
Home: Slenderman's Forest
Death: Squirrel bites
Likes: Sleeping, as it avoids the pain
Powers: Negative Zone
UnRank: -70,261

Not to be confused with the Ybbutelet Ykniw-Yknit

ykniW ykniT is the second weakest form of Tinky Winky next to Asplode Asplode Tinky Winky. He was created when Luigi betrayed Gooigi, and so as a revenge plan by Gooigi to kill Luigi with the strongest being in the universe, and whipped out the Wa-Machine 2.0 to create this monster from a standard Tinky Winky. Instead of creating an Asplode Tinky Winky, Gooigi accidentally made the Negative Zone ykniW ykniT which sucked a lot. Some believe he was thrown into a seperate 1.0 Wa-Machine, making Good Tinky Winky.

However this wasn't all bad, as trapping Luigi into the negative zone was enough for Gooigi to shoot a bullet at Luigi and kill him. After this ykniW ykniT went to Teletubby Land where he'd be rejected by all the other teletubbies, leaving him to forge in the woods at night as a means of persons living or dead.

Unsurprisingly, the original ykniW ykniT would die on April 16th 1921 after he lost to a fight with a Squirrel over who gets the acorn. However in 1990 Gooigi would make a memorial for him made of goo at the Gooigi's Goo Estate Back Yard. Legends say the squirrel came there just to eat the goo.


  • ykniW ykniT can create a Negative Zone, as well as serve as a distraction.
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