Cquote1 Hey, Yah, I'm, Yah, Yah- Yah, Bah, Ya. Cquote2
Yahbah introducing himself.

Yahbah is a Boohbah, except he is VERY old. So old he has a 5:00 shadow, he especially loves little kids.

Yahbah The I

Its my Uncle Ned!

Gender: Male
Hair color: Grey
Eye color: Like all Boohbahs
Species: Boohbah
Home: Pac-Land
Death: Died when the Creepy White Van bursted into flames, but was resurrected.
Dislikes: Parents
Education: Uhhh, what?
UnRank: 56

He was created by Pedobear when he was the owner of the Boohbah race, he took the hair of a young boy who was previously a victim, and now a armchair, Zing Zing Zingbah then spat on it, causing the hair to age, the aged hair was then put in a cauldron with the DNA of Jingbah, and then, he made a potion, he poured it on a old man, and he turned into Yahbah, Yahbah than started drinking lotsa Milk for no reason whatsoever. He then got drunk on the milk and crashed the Creepy White Van, it bursted into flames, but then the Creepy White Van inside it came out and everything got back inside, sadly, Yahbah died, so Pedobear used more of the potion to make another one. This one started running around knocking over random Stickmen, he ditched Pedobear and is now hiding in Pac-Land.

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