Yaa Doodles were made by thought of by Yaa-Yaa, she disliked Doopsee Doodles, so she said, "Hurp a durp, letsa make chips!" and tried to make her own ch- wait a second, this is supposed to be the introduction not history! Okay, for now, i'll just say they are rip-offs of Laa Doodles.

One can hardly see the text!


Anyways, Yaa-Yaa disliked Doopsee Doodles, said the above quote, and tried to make her own chips, but being stupid, she failed miserably, so Doopsee just took his Doopsee Doodles, and:

  1. Replaced Bulborb droppings with Polof droppings, as he knows that Bulborbs are extinct.
  1. Made the chips less wavy and more, "zig-zaggy," as that's the natural shape of lighting.
  1. Removed all non electricity attracting pieces of scrap metal.

He showed it to Yaa-Yaa, and she electrocuted it, naking it electricity flavoured instead of BBQ, so now Doopsee had to redesign the bag he ALREADY MADE! Currently, only Yaa-Yaa likes it because she's dumb.


  • Insignificant N00bs who didn't know what it was.
  • Yaa-Yaa (you don't say!)


  • If your not Yaa-Yaa, you will be electrocuted by this when biting it.
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