YTMND was an early meme website. Without YTMND, there would be no modern meme culture. As a result, Reddit would be a boring news site, YouTube would be entirely made up of clickbait and elsagate videos, and the internet would be less fun.


It started in 2001, when Max Goldberg registered the domain "" and hosted a tiled picture of Sean Connery with zooming text and looping audio from the movie Finding Forrester. It got a lot of copycats, so in 2004, Goldberg created a site where you could make a subdomain like that easily. This site had social features, such as comments, star ratings (like YouTube used to have before they introduced likes and dislikes), and, before circa 2007, a forum. It became very popular very quickly, and peaked in 2006, before crashing into obscurity around 2007-08. It stayed up until 2019, when the database crashed. However, Goldberg, despite planning to shut it down in 2016, has changed his mind and is trying to bring YTMND back up sometime in the early 2020s. For now, the subdomains and search function are back up. When YTMND fully comes back, then the writer of this article hopes that it will kill TikTok and Byte for good.

UPDATE: As of 3/31/2020, YTMND is back online.

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