Xbox ONE

The Xbox ONE, using its mystical flying powers.

The Xbox ONE is a mistake shaming system made by Microsoft to compete against the Nintendo Wii U and the Play Station 4. It was released in 2013, and is generally regarded as the greatest shaming system to ever be called the Xbox ONE. But it was also put on the bottom ten of the best shaming systems list by Biased Ratings. The idiots didn't just take a step backwards, but they actually took 359 steps backwards.

The Xbox ONE first started production the minute the Xbox 360 was released. But Bill Gates hit the guy in charge of the shame department upside the head for making them so soon. Gates informed him that it hasn't gone through the crapinization process yet! Every Microsoft console had to go through crapinization to add features that irritate loyal customers. This process became so popular, Nintendo started crapinization and Gates had to keep it in crapinization a few years longer to keep ahead in making crappy console.

The Xbox ONE is capable of listening to music, going on the Internet, watching TV, using Facebook, watching people get hurt on YouTube, using Netflix, using Skype, and even karaoke! Shame playing was put in as an afterthought. The Xbox ONE also has espionage capabilities, which basically means it's watching you!

(It just sucks ok?)

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