Xbox 360

Xbox 360 is an evil Shaming System with only a few good Shames. It was created by Bill Gates and his evil Microsoft friends and Microsoft employees. Many N00bs play on Xbox Live, but they suck at it. Many people who play an Xbox 360 think that Nintendo is just for little kids. They are stupid n00bs that will burn.

The Xbox 360 was first created by Mircosoft's Bill Gates. He figured that everything that is successful must have a crappy sequel. Therefore, he made the Xbox 360 to succeed the Xbox. Production started off just fine, but then some prototype Xbox 360s started getting Xbox Criminal Syndrome. This seriously delayed Microsoft's plans.


The evil Red Ring

Eventually the problem was solved, and the Xbox 360 was released in 2005. It was a hit, but Nobody liked it as much as the original Xbox. Except maybe the Stupid Snake, but he's stupid. The Xbox 360 stopped being popular after the competition started making shaming systems. The practically identical Play Station 3 and the wimpy Nintendo Wii knocked the Xbox 360 off the markets, causing Microsoft to start plotting an even crappier sequel than before.

Notable Shames

These are the only good Shames on the Xbox 360

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