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Wubbzy is a yellow mutant mouse that lives in Chernobyl with his friends, Widget (a pink mutant rabbit), Walden (a purple mutant bear), and Daizy (a cyan mutant dog). He eats the flesh of young children. Wubbzy can skeletonize a human in 5 seconds.


Wubbzy was originally a normal mouse, but in 1986, the Chernobyl disaster caused him to mutate into a weird creature. He became able to talk, and he began eating children.

20 years later, in 2006, he was kidnapped by The SCP foundation Nick Jr. Staff and forced into preforming for their daily television broadcast alongside other kidnapped monstrosities such as Happy Appy, and Peppa Pig.

The result of this was the Wow Wow Wubbzy (TV series), which is regarded as one of the most violent TV shows ever, even more violent than both versions of the Teletubbies show.

In 2010, Wubbzy escaped via containment breach, killing key foundation personnel employees such as Nickelodeon founder Tsar Nicholas II, and Dan Schneider.

Ever since he has been eating kids, and doing general Wubbzy thngs.


Wubbzy is more evil than the Teletubbies, because the Teletubbies don't eat human flesh. At least not 24/7 like Wubbzy does. He is also more evil than Bob the Builder, Barney, and most other preschool show characters. However, Thanos is much more evil than Wubbzy.


People keep killing Wubbzy and his friends, but they keep respawning. Wubbzy will finally die for real in 2986 AD of old age. By that point, he will have eaten all of Your grandchildren.

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