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Their massive arsenal of weapons.

Worms are minions of the Teletubbies. They are somewhat similar to the Lemmings. They have a massive arsenal of weapons, from bazookas, guns, air strikes, even exploding animals and concrete donkeys! They are also allies of the lemmings as they are proven to be suicidal from their weaponry. They also have different stereotypical voices.

Worms were the first intelligent creatures to appear in the UnWorld. They first started appearing in 3,500,000,000 BC, after they evolved from the stupid creatures. They ruled the world, and made great cities and countries, and waged war on each other. They even discovered how to make stuff blow up, which is only for really advanced civilizations.

About 500,000,000 years after the worms came, they made nukes so powerful, they could launch one at Chuck Norris while he was in space! Unfortunately, he wiped out every wormy civilization in the world, and made the worms stupid. Now they just go around and randomly blow stuff up for the Teletubbies, because that is all they know how to do.

The current leader of the Worms army is the fully armed Boggy B

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