WordWorld is a show on PBS Kids that features deformed animals with words for bodies. Most of the scenery is also somehow made of words. The show defies all science, logic, and concepts you learn in school except for grammar, which is why teachers, Purple Pi, and Donald Trump hate it. It is ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ's favorite show.

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  • Pig: Pig is a pig that is a pig. He is a chef and he is fat, like all other pigs. He dies in season 3.
  • Sheep: Sheep is a female sheep that looks kind of like a normal sheep compared to the deformed word animals. She dies in season 3 and is the last word animal to die.
  • Dog: The dumbest of the word animals. He dies in season 2.
  • Frog: He is somehow smarter than Dog. He dies in season 1, but comes back as a ghost.
  • Ant: A very small word animal that doesn't need info other than always yelling "GET NOSCOPED!!!!!! He dies in season 3.
  • Bear: A female bear that is the largest word animal. She always wears a purple bow. Isn't that strange? She dies in season 2.
  • Duck: The only surviving word animal. He can also fly.
  • Other insignificant word animals: no info needed
  • Kangaroo/Kangawalleo: He is a walleo clone that is capable of jumping to space. He dies in season 3.
  • Doge: Main protagonist. He is summoned in season 2. He is a replacement for Dog. He is not a word animal.
  • Lincoln Loud: He is from The Loud House. He is the only boy of the Loud Family. He died in Season 3
  • Numberblock 5: She replaced Frog. Like Duck and Doge she is one of the characters to survive in the whole series


Season 1

  1. Happy birthday, Dog!: Dog eats a cake full of drugs that Pig made. Everyone except Sheep is high on drugs.
  2. Pig goes to jail: Pig goes to word jail for making the drug cake. The wordfriends have gone insane because someone stole their milk.
  3. JAWS: Shark comes out of the sea and squashes the word jail, killing Pig.
  4. A visit to Hotel Mario: Pig faked his death and the wordfriends go to Hotel Mario. There they meet Walleo and Kangaroo gets turned into a walleo clone because he is insignificant.
  5. Who stole the milk?: The entirety of wordworld has gone insane from not having milk. Turns out Cow stopped producing milk so now everyone is beating up Cow. Bear also invents a new word. The word is HURGDSJDJSKAOSJQKJDKSHGSJJDKAMK!
  6. Kangawalleo: Kangaroo comes back and terrorizes the WordFriends. Turns out he stole the milk and eats Chicken Nuggets. (Death of Chicken Nuggets)
  7. Ant and the Thing: Ant finds a weird thing that smells like Mtn Dew that is actually bear's new word. Everybody decides to dump stale popcorn all over it so that it tastes better.
  8. S-S-S-Shark!: Shark jumps out of the sea again to get high with Frog, Duck, and Kangawalleo, but everyone is scared of him because he killed fake Pig.
  9. SANNESSSSSSSSSS: Sans dunks on everyone and everything.
  10. Bike Ride: Sheep rides a bike but she is challenged to a race by Sanic. She is too slow.
  11. B-B-B-BOOM: A terrorist that is not Kangaroo attacks Frog and takes him to Tokyo. An epic fight starts between WordWorld and Al Quaeda and Frog was exploded by Billy Mays. (Season 1 finale and death of Frog)

Season 2

  1. Hurp a Durp: The wordfriends get high to forget what happened in Tokyo, but a trollface visits the word house and trolls everyone using bootlegged trolli candy.
  2. D-D-D-Doge!: Dog accidentally summons Doge after playing roblox and other MLG games. The other WordFriends accepted Doge as a replacement for Dog while he hangs out in his basement playing roblox.
  3. Shopping time in the meme mall: Doge drives his lamborghini to the meme mall where he gets kicked out of Burlington Coat Factory for being a doge. He hires Kangaroo to explode Burlington but he gets arrested instead.
  4. AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!: The ghost of Frog haunts Dog while he is playing Grand Theft Sesame Street. Frog's ghost hangs out with Dog and drinks mountain dew instead of absorbing his soul.
  5. The big jailbreak: Doge breaks Kangaroo out of jail because he needs someone to troll Pig. After 5 failed attempts he is given mtn dew and he successfully trolls Pig but demolishes the word house.
  6. The Grandest of Dads: Grand Dad makes a bootlegged version of Wordworld.
  7. Duck Duck Dog: Duck goes inside the sp00ky basement of d00m where Dog is playing his games. In this episode it is revealed Dog has gained alot of weight. Duck decides to join Dog and Frog's ghost in the MLG games.
  8. Out of the darkness: Dog FINALLY exits the basement. HORRAY! He is mad that Doge replaced him and that Bear called him fat. He was so mad he SHOT Bear. If there was one thing he learned down in the basement, it was how to noscope. (Death of Bear)
  9. Wordemon: The small words such as ant and bug are playing wordemon, which is pokemon, but the pokemon are deformed and made of words. Ant rekts bug's mew and says "GET NOSCOPED!!!!!"
  10. JAWS 2: Shark jumps out of the sea again this time everyone makes him into shark fin soup. Turns out someone stole the milk again!
  11. There can be only one: Dog is tired of Doge replacing him so they fight. After a long and gory battle Doge wins by using mind control to get Dog to jump into Godzilla's mouth. Doge is elected new leader of the wordfriends shortly after. (Season 2 finale and death of Dog)

Season 3

  1. All Mixed Up: Mixels invade WordWorld and kill Pig. (Death of Pig)
  2. Wordemon: lavender town syndrome: The word bugs play wordemon again but Ant gets lavender Town Syndrome and commits suicide along with the other bugs. (Death of Ant)
  3. Sp00py scary ghost barn: The ghosts of Pig, Frog, Dog, Bear, and Ant haunt the barn and Doge sucks them up, freezes them, and eats them.
  4. H-H-H-Heist! Part 1: Doge and Duck decide to rob CapitalOne bank and they manage to hire Kangaroo, who was a zombie, and Sanic. Kangaroo got caught because he was too slow and this episode ends in a cliffhanger.
  5. H-H-H-Heist! Part 2: The team decide to trade in Sheep for Kangaroo. Also they manage to take $3000 and getaway in Doge's lamborghini. They now must go into hiding because the cops are after them.
  6. Get H4XXED!!!!!!!!!: A lost creepypasta episode where everyone gets h4xxed.
  7. Bad Dreemurrs: Everyone has an undertale dream and it ends up coming to life. Before that Duck killed Lincoln Loud. (Death of Lincoln Loud)
  8. Goodbye Sheep: Kangaroo is revealed to be the same terrorist that killed Frog and he runs away to Pittsburgh and explodes a supermarket, killing him and Sheep. (Death of sheep)
  9. The Root of all Evil: Doge and Duck decide to spend the $3000 on cool gadgets but Cow comes and uses them for her evil deeds. Doge presses the self destruct button and Cow dies. (Death of cow)
  10. The Last word: A creepypasta episode made by Doge. Cowpocalypse wrote a summary of this on his profile.
  11. Wordworld no more: Duck seeks refuge in West Hyrule after Doge has gone insane and destroyed the remainder of wordworld. (Series finale)

Bootleg season

Zalgo made an illegal bootleg of Wordworld called dlroWdroW and some say the bootlegged episodes make kids stab themselves with lego bricks. This so called "show" airs on ZalgoNet and WBC.

  1. Word Wide Web: Duck surfs the web and discovers Bonzi Buddy. Bonzi then escapes the computer and smokes weed with Duck.
  2. Underword: The bugs quit wordemon and decide to play underword instead. This episode was banned in Italy because it made kids cringe to death.
  3. Out of the darkness 2- Doge's return: Rumors spread of Doge returning, so they recruit Norton the Dog to poison all the weed in wordworld because he can.
  4. Z̛̹̣͑̾ͣ̾͗͒͌͗ͥ͞A͛́҉͚͙̝͙̘̘L̷͙͖͇̒͌͂͒͐̃ͧ́̀͡G̦̝̥͎̗͍͔̹ͩ̋ͅO͍͎̜͍̖͙̹̠ͪͦ͊̽͟W͎̙̩͕̰ͭ̄ͮ͡Ő̯̯̬̪̐̾͛Ṙ͖̮̥̈͋ͩḼ̭̫̼̟̉͊͢͟͡ͅDͫ̃̿̔ͩ̆҉͚̼̙͈͕̻͡͡: A banned episode, where Zalgo corrupts WordWorld and manipulates the WordFriends, all but Dog. Now he must save WordWorld but is inexplicably NEDMed by Doge, it was banned for portraying Dog as a hero.
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