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Woody 5.png

Woody is, just a chunk of a wood plank. He is pretty scared of everything, from Nobody to Snowball. He is even scared of WaLaa-Laa! He just screams when he sees anyone, then runs away. His screams are pretty loud. PRETTY LOUD. His girlfriend is Teardrop, who is the only thing Woody's not scared of. TOTALLY. JUST, TOTALLY. I repeat, he is scared of everything except for Teardrop.

Yes, Teardrop.

What happens if he was scared of her?

He would run away.

For sure.


Moving on. He is pretty- wait, did I just say that? Yeah, I did.

Why are YOU reading this?!




Oh, okay. Again, he is pretty scared of everything except for Teardrop.


If you want to see the things that scare him the most, go here.

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