Cquote1 There's a snake in my boot! Cquote2

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I'll be watching you....

Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Species: Toy (s)
Home: Some kid's house
Death: Fell apart, but (unfortunately) came back together.
AKA: Hentai Woody
Likes: Be a cowboy
Dislikes: Falling apart
Education: *Laughter*
Occupation: Idiot cowboy
Known For: being an idiot
UnRank: 6739748927

Woody is a stupid toy cowboy that breaks his arms when waving about in explosions caused when Buzz Lightyear presses the red button that destroys the whole world. He is Cowboy Jed's friend. He really likes counting western sheep in his sleep. He also seems to always have a snake in his boot.


Woody was an idiot that created for no reason. He wanted to be a cowboy, but he was only a toy, so he became a toy cowboy.

He was raised by some delinquent child who thought he was just a plaything, when, in fact, he was alive. Woody played this sucker for years.

Eventually, he kidnapped Buzz Lightyear, stuff happened, and Woody ran away. Woody lived out on the street for a few years, but was taken in by ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ, who thought he was a letter.

They discovered he wasn't a letter, so they kicked him out, and he went on his own again. Eventually, Buzz found him, set off a bomb, and this blew Woody's hand off. It came back.