Woodman is a being considered to be one of the great gods in Pee culture that's basically the grim reaper with PSI powers. Having many abilities that end up being pretty useless, but some being pretty useful. It just boils down to it being useful at the time. Not much is actually know about him.


He's notable for being Woodman in general, being the dominant part/first half of WoodWallman, and basically the grim reaper of the Pee species.



Woodman started out as a dude in school that was robot master-looking, so he got bullied a lot by everyone in his school because his country is really cruel towards him for absolutely no reason. He was really annoyed with his middle school bully, to the point where it kicked in. He punched his bully through the guts. He later got kicked out of the country and had to sleep in a yurt his uncle owned. The god Inspector Gadget talked to him and said he had powers, and then he woke up. He teleported to Pluto, not knowing what to do.

Then the Pee arrived.


The Pee treated him like a god, because he could create leafs out of thin air. So they wrote him as a god, and he felt that this was a mistake. But overtime, he really started to regret it. He was extremely annoyed when someone meditates, so he kills them. This went on until that dude ate the plant, and caused Mani-Mani to be real. After the dude stole his sword, Woodman destroyed him. Then he almost died due to that purge, but it stopped. But when he came to his pillar, it was destroyed. He left after that.

After Pee

He just lived on a planet where Kumatora would later teleport, and then she did. He killed her because he wanted nothing to do with the Pee now, and he took her sword. He would later meet Wallman and team up to explore the universe. Mainly him because Wallman is still doing his experiments.


He's a normal guy that can get annoyed after a while.


While he does have PSI powers and the punch that can pretty much rip through everything, he also has the power of Absorbtion. Meaning that at anytime or any moment, he can absorb your powers wether you like it or not. Very different from Evil Mani-Mani, who absorbs people's powers when they die. He can also spam Ora to death.

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