Wonkey donkey show
Wonkey Donkey: The show is TV Series created by and starring Wonky Donkey and Sometimes, his best friend, Tinky is a spin-off of Teletubbies It aired on the EXPLOSSIONS Channel.

List of episodes

1.Wonky Donkey the racer

Wonky Donkey becomes a racing star


On a nice summer day, Wonky Donkey goes swimming with Tinky Winky and they drown.

3.Tinky Winky vs. Wonky Donkey

Wonky and Tinky Winky get into an argument and fight.

4.President Wonky Donkey

Wonky becomes president and bombs the UnUniverse.

5.Im not your friend

Po and Dipsy use Idiot Manipulation on Wonky to become their friend but he refuses.

6.Tinky Winky Dies

Laa-Laa kills Tinky Winky, which angers Wonky.

7.Dinosaur vs Donkey

Godzilla battles Wonky, and believe it or not, Wonky won!

8.Tubby Toast is Nice

Wonky tries Tubby Toast after stealing it from Dipsy.He loves it.

9.Taylor Swift sucks

Wonky listens to Taylor Swift, and his ears explode.

10.Bye Bye Teletubby Land

Wonky blows up Teletubby Land, and some other places.

11.Wonky's Revenge

Wonky kills Laa-Laa for killing his friend.

12.Hi Eric

Wonky and the Teletubbies meet Eric Cartman,who kills them, and then Kyle for being a jew.

13.Donkey Unbound

Wonky eats Tubby Toast and becomes Donkey unbound.

14.Burned Toast

Wonky burns his doast so he eats Tubby Toast instead.

15.Meet Bill Gates

Wonky meets Bill Gates but discovers that he is in disguse.

16.Make Doast and die

Same plot for Make A Pie And Die except it's wonky instead of Dipsy making toast instead of Pie.

17.Donkey Fever

Wonky gets Donkey fever which is hay fever except for donkeys.


Wonky gets featured in Teringtubbies but is killed by the teringtubbie Dipsy.

19.Grand Theft Donkey

Wonky plays Grand Theft auto 5 and does that stuff in real life.

20. Camp Wonky Donkey: How It All Began

Wonky looks back on when he created Camp Wonky Donkey and turned people, like Carlos "Garcia" Pena, Jr. WONKY.

21. WonkY8

Wonky Donkey wants to submit his shame to Y8, but Beast Boy turns into a Teletubby Land Bunny to stop Wonky Donkey from doing so.

22.Donkey saver

Tinky Winky saves wonky from getting beat up by some idiot who ate his toast.

23.Laa-Laa eater

Wonky eats Laa-Laa, so Dipsy beats him up.

24.Mr Laa-Laa

Laa-Laa gets married to Dipsy, which Disgusts Po,Tinky Winky and Wonky.

24.Time to dance

Wonky dances to many different songs.

25.Gingerbread Donkey

Wonky meets The Gingerbread Man and eats him.

26.Die Thumper Die

Tinky Winky and Wonky kill Thumper for no particular reason.

27.Toast thief

Stingy steals Wonky's Toast, because it's HIS.

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