Wonky Donkey is a new character that can travel between all the different Worlds and Universes of Ununiverse!!

Wonky Donkey existing.

He is obviously a 'Donkey', but because of a freak accident with a screw driver and a bottle of bleach he is now very much WONKY!!!!

He likes to play with dangerous equipment and also like to hangout with the notoriously EVIL Teletubbies. But unlike everyone else he really likes Tinky Winky the best. Unlike other Donkeys, he can fly and he also likes to eat DOAST instead of carrots.

New Series

Wonky Donkey has just been given his own new show on the Universally known channel EXPLOSSIONS. Wonky Donkey has always wanted his own show and especially with the channel EXPLOSSIONS because as we all know Wonky Donkey LOVES blowing things up...


When he was young he accidently blew-up his home, a stable in the Irish countryside. Unfortunately, his parents were in the stable when he blew it up and so he became an orphan at the young age of 6 years old. Ever since then he travels around all the Ununiverse worlds but cannot leave a world without blowing up some place, sometimes he like to blow up lots of places, it all just depends on what kind of mood he is in when he is moving onto another world.

He founded a summer camp by the name of "Camp Wonky Donkey." Carlos of Big Time Rush was unfortunate enough to attend the camp. But, luckily he survived...but ended up coming out of the camp WONKY!!!


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