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This was his last picture before he dissapered that day at the zoo

Wolverton is a talking wolf that is famous for being smart and creating a zoo (The Wolverton Center in Baghdad ). He is the first wolf to ever build and create a zoo. This zoo was very successful and he is supposed to be rich but he is lost now and no one knows what to do with the money so they kept it just in case he might come back.

I Know What Happened To Him!

I do know what happened to him but no one believes me! You do right? Good! Well, the day Wolverton finally finished his zoo, he called all the people who applied for a job at the zoo to see if they were any good. When they all arrived, they saw Wolverton and mistaked him for a wolf that escaped it's exhibt so they trapped him and put him in the wolf exhibt, locked away with a bunch of stupid wolves that couldn't talk and act like a human. He now hates his life and commited suicide.

If You Don't Believe The Story, Here Are Other Reasons:

  • The "wolf" in his office that day had killed him and ate him
  • He got trapped in the camel exhibt, and died of heat and no water
  • He got trapped in the penguin exhibt, and died of the cold and no food
  • He got trapped in the octapus exhibt, and died of drowning
  • He got trapped in the chicken exhibt, and...well you probably know what happened in there
  • He got trapped in the vulture exhibt, and got his eyes poked out by vultures
  • He got trapped in the petting zoo, and died of a stampede of sheep, horse, lamb, mini-horses (not ponies), and other stuff