Iron Chicken flirting with a Wol... who met a real bird.

A Wol (Metalias Noctua) is a species of Owl that flies through the Estrella Starsystem's cosmos. Similar to a Hoot, some are made evil by the Clangers. These owls look metallic, just like nearly all other creatures that live in the Estrella Starsystem on or near The Clangers' Planet. These owls are horrible at flapping they're wings, like, horrible with a E, so they have a alternative, spinning like graceful... things.

Wols are a endangered species thanks to how they are caught in The Music Boat, accidentally or not. Billy Mays tries to save these fellars when it's good, but cooks them when it's bad, nobody knows how to really save the species, nor do they know if Hyness owns one as a pet, nor NOR do they know if Po's Fruit Loop of Doom™ tastes good, or if it's even edible in the first place! Wait, this is off track.

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