Basically like the real Paul Bunyan, only insane and evil. Sounds utterly horrifying, doesn't it?

The people foolish enough to create this was some Telotubs and later Teletubbies who snuck into Paul's cabin when he was asleep, and took a snip of hair from his beard. With this and a grow ray the latter cloned a new Paul who they trained to be evil, as the Telotub Thimper realized the hell it would unleash, and so the Telotubs decided to not go with the plans.

Boy, was THAT a mistake! The new Paul went beserk and tried to destroy everything in sight. Being 4 miles tall and 7k tons, most of the Teletubby land was destroyed. Because of this, the real Paul was banned from entering that land, not like he'd care though.

Who saved the day? Chuck Norris of course. He threw a nuke at Wo-Paul, and since this Paul didn't know to ask the door of the other realm to appear, he died.

This happened several decades after the "Massacre" of Teletubby land.

With incidents like this only furthering the fact that the real Paul Bunyan shouldn't be messed with for purposes of evil, Paul is left alone by most.

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