Wizardheimer shows Mario how he motivates prisoners.

Wizardheimer (also known as Wizenheimer) is an evil Magikoopa related to Kamek. He is a skilled necromancer who likes kidnapping people and torturing and eventually killing them in the basement of his house, then enslaving their souls.


Wizardheimer went to school at Koopawarts, where he learned much magic, especially necromancy. After graduating, he began serving Bowser. Bowser was pleased by his powers, and sent him to cause terror in Dinosaur World. There, he found a ghost house in a spooky enchanted forest. With his necromany powers, he enslaved the boos and other ghosts inside, and claimed the house as his home.

One day, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Peach went into the forest looking for Oogtar, the stupid caveboy. Why were they looking for the irritating little moron? They needed the reward money for Spaghetti. While there they were found by Wizardheimer. Wizardheimer soon became angry when they got his name wrong, and ordered them to come to his house. They refused, but changed their minds when he summoned a bomb. He took them to his basement and planned to torture and eventually kill them, when Oogtar came to rescue them. He captured Oogtar in 1.05 seconds flat, but then Yoshi came and ate his wand, leaving him powerless, and freeing his ghostly slaves, who then fled. Yoshi then freed the others, and they beat up Wizardheimer and escaped.

Wizardheimer eventually retreived his wand, but you don't want to know how. It wasn't pretty. He then tested his wand to see if it still worked, by summonig a bomb. The spell worked, but the Wizardheimer was impossible to reconise under all the you-know-what, and the bomb exploded on HIM. Wizardheimer was sent flying, his pride badly damaged, and only damaged further when he landed on a hedgehog. Wizardheimer reputation would take an encredibly long time to repair, and he was furious. He had a bath, got some new spectral slaves, and began chasing the hedgehog.

Wizardheimer eventually caught up with the hedgehog in the Sonic Islands, where it was protected by Sonic clones. Wizardheimer captured the hedgehog and the clones, and took them to his basement where he tortured and eventually killed them, then enslaved their souls. Sonic eventually teamed up with Mario and co. to avenge the hedgehogs, and toghether they killed Wizardheimer, freeing his phantom slaves again. But since he had a horcrux, he eventually came back, and got new spiritual slaves. Later on in his life, he learned a new spell to turn people into cakes and transformed Curious George into one and sealed him into Dimension 9 for the rest of eternity.

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