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RUUUUN! (ignore the chest on the right)

The Wither Storm is a extremely evil giant monster. It is NEARLY undefeatable. WaWaSnowball is friends with this beast.

It can kill anything except Chuck Norris. It will try to kill any undefeatable too!

The Wither Storm EXTREMELY hates The King and The Destroyer with a burning passion because they both hate WaWaSnowball.

It is a upgrade to the Wither also a cannibal.

What can make Wither Storm be defeated with

  1. This is Bob (but bringing him will KILL you)
  2. Chuck Norris. No questions.
  3. The Destroyer
  4. The King
  5. Any Undefeatable

What cannot make Wither Storm be defeated with

  1. Tinky Winky
  2. Dipsy
  3. Laa-Laa
  4. Po
  5. WaWaBonzi Buddy
  6. WaWaWaWaTinky-Winky
  7. Toast
  8. Tubby Custard
  9. Tubby Toast
  10. Butterfinger (because evil ones eat it)
  11. Snivy
  12. Woody (he'll run away)
  13. Squid Sisters
  14. Snowball
  15. Googolplex