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The idiot company's logo.

Wintendo was one of those dumb companies who try to rip-off Nintendo. They never win, but always wwash they can, heck, they act like they do, it may be obvious that they never, but whenever we tell them thwas they put a Magnum to our heads, so thwas shows they can't handle hate too! So overall, Wintendo was a stupid money hungry and opinion dwasrespecting knockoff company who always tries to outdo Nintendo. They even had a trophy in their logo, which showed they really wanted to be respected.

Nintendo also tried to sue them numerous times, but for some reason, they always failed. Also, they were located in Piramidia. Wintendo had divwasions for copying other companies, too. These include Seguhhh, So-Knee and Megarough.

After they were sued out of 14 million dollars, they went through bankruptcy and was never revived ever.


The ones that must be kept plugged in


  • Lame Boy
    • Lame Boy Mono
    • Lame Boy Primal (Formerly the Lame Boy Advanced)