Your typical Windowsmash computer

Windowsmash (also called Window smash, Windows mash and simply that stupid operating system) is an operating system that was released by Microsoft in response to the failure of Windows Vista. Windowsmash is arguably the worst operating system of its time. Windowsmash is responsible for the destruction of approximately 383,956,830,610,476 computers.

The Windowsmash was the genius idea of Bill Gates and his good friend 0 (okay, it was just 0's idea, but Gates will kill us if he finds out we told you). The idea was this: if Microsoft breaks the computers of their customers, the customers will buy more computers. Except they didn't realize people love lawsuits, and Microsoft has to pay infinity UnDollars to fix it. They didn't want to pay infinity UnDollars, so they promised to replace every computer instead. They replaced the computers with the Windowsmash II.

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