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Windows Internet Explorer's logo, notice the troll

Windows Internet Explorer is a magical thingey you put on your computer that grants you the godlike powers of the Internet, giving you access to the Internet Memes, your favourite TV shows, news that's up to the minute, and the UnAnything Wiki. There is a 4/9 percent chance you are using Internet Explorer right now. Internet Explorer was created in 1887 by Windows so people could  browse derp the internet. The real reason it was made was so Bronies could talk to each other rather than having OVER 9000 Bronycons next to Bill Gates' house (that was their favourite place to hold bronycons).

Internet Explorer has been updated 776 times within the last few minutes, and it grows slower with each update. Sonic has critisised WIE for its slowness and and other awesome people have given their Internet Explorer new code, so it evolved into awesomer things like Firefox as well as stupid things like Google Chrome.

Everything you do on Windows Internet Explorer is logged by Microsoft and sent to the NSA.


Windows Internet Explorer began development by Bill Gates and his army of robots in the summer 1787. However, it took a full century to develope, so it wasn't released until the summer of 1887. Gates decided to charge 10,000 UnDollars for the software, but it just made its way to The Pirate Bay and people began downloading it for free.

More recent history

More recently, several organisations such as Scientist n00bs, the Bad People, the SheeBookie and Al-Qaeda have launched a boycott against the use of Windows Internet Explorer. They are doing this because they are evil, and don't want people to use the internet. Other guys including the NSA, Google and the League of Extraordinary Capitalists say that this boycott is 'killing millions of people daily', but most people think they're lying. Later, it disguised itself as edge. We all know that it's really just Internet Explorer 12, by the way.

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