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A smashed computer with Windows software

Cquote1.png People liked NASCAR because the constant crashes made it exciting, and this gave me an idea... Cquote2.png
  —Bill Gates on Microsoft Windows

Windows is a computer line that was invented by Bill Gates and Microsoft. 0 was also involved somehow, but when asked how, he told us all to... well, I'd better not say it. Anyways, they made it because they want to take over the Moon and use it for commercial use. They have a mascot known as Microsoft Sam, but it is weird.

They have had many, many, MAAAAAAANYYYY variations of windows programs, like Vista, 7, and XP.

The main motherboard that controls all computers made by Windows is called the UnCleverbot and its supposed to be a very smart AI but it ultimately failed. So then they called it Cleverbot to see if it would work better and it did!

Windows is now used by many people. In fact, the only people who don't use Windows are the people who like Apple more than Microsoft. These people have the dreaded Mac, which Bill Gates wants dead. But Steve Jobsis dangerous, so Bill Gates hides under his bed, hoping Steve Jobs will never kill him in his sleep.

This is a windowsmash laptop.

After the release of Windowsmash, Microsoft was sued by every person in existence for infinity undollars. Microsoft could not afford this, so they created the Windows Virus, and sent it to every windows computer. This caused all of the people to shut up, and Microsoft promised to replace every Windowsmash computer. They soon replaced them with the Windowsmash II, which was even worse.

Line of Windows computers

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