Cquote1 FIRE IN THE HOLE!!! Cquote2
William Furno while doing fire.
William Furno
William Furno

He looks old even though he was built AFTER Stormer....

Gender: Male
Eye color: Yellow, later Orange (Just to go with his fire motif)
Species: Elemental Robot
Home: Denmark
AKA: (Simply) William, (Simply) Furno, Hothead
Likes: Acting like Pyro, Hot environments
Dislikes: Water, Cold environments
Known For: Being the Pyro of Alpha-1.
UnRank: 123

William Furno is one of the members of Preston Stormer's team of elemental robots, "Alpha 1". He is also his second-in-command.

Like every member of Alpha 1, he controls the element of FIRE! No seriously, Furno controls fire, like how Stormer (His leader) controls ice.

Despite the face he does fire, he does have a flare gun on his right arm with a harpoon attached to it.

You may not know this, but Furno actually likes the hot environment, and also LOVES sitting near any fire-related thing.

He and Mark Surge (His electrical friend) argue over THEIR windy friend, Natalie Breez (Who doesn't know who to go out with).

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