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Will Smith Fish, 2018.
Will Smith Fish

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Fish
Birthdate: 1942
Species: Fish
Home: N. sanity Island
Occupation: Actor
Known For: Actor, Nazi experiment, Candidate for 2040 US Elections
UnRank: 340

Will Smith Fish was a former Nazi experiment as a supersoldier to conquer the world during World War 2. He is also 8 times Miss America winner, a movie star and ran for the 2040 US elections. He currently lives on N. Sanity Islands. His IQ is estimated to be 3-6.


In 1942 at the height of WW2, the Nazis were experimenting with fish hoping they would create supersoldiers for world domination due to them being too lazy to do it themselves. The Nazis use the DNA of Will smith and infuse it with a random fish from someone's lunch. After several failed attempts they finally achieve their super-soldier creation with Will Smith Fish. Smith Fish never fought in any battle and he deserted from the Germans in 1944 when he realized their leader was insane. He fled to UnAmerica just as the war came to an end. He eventually drafted and fought in the Second Robotnik War. After that, he enters the Miss America competition in 1960 where he won. He soon won the 1968, 1989, 2005, 2017, 2034, 2089 and 2133 Miss America competition. He soon became an actor and appeared in many Movies such as Sharktales, Youtube rewind 2018, and Foodfight. He soon ran for President of the UnAmerica but lost when people soon learn he was a Nazi experiment. After that, he won the 2089 and 2133, Ms. America, despite his controversial past. He soon moves to N Sane island and retired there.


Will Smith Fish is known to be a charming fella yet a really stupid individual. He regularly makes dumb decisions at the expense of others and often gets high. His IQ is believed to be 3. He is also known to be a narcissist, often caring for only himself at the expense of others. Despite it, he is also charming at times, at least according to his fans.

Will Smith as a gangster in his famous role.


  • He suffers from cocaine addiction.
  • He is friends with Just Beaver.
  • He is most famous for his role as a gangster in the movie Foodfight.
  • His favourite food is Fish and Chips.
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