Wilkins + Wontkins
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Wilkins (right) and Wontkins (left)

Gender: Both are male
Hair color: None
Eye color: Ping Pong balls
Species: Puppet
Death: Wontkins always dies, Wilkins has never experienced death... yet!
AKA: Wilkins - Kermit Jr.

Wontkins - Has none

Likes: Wilkins - To form an ever lasting empire of wilkins, and KILL ALL WHO DON'T DRINK SUCH COFFEE

Wontkins - Days wear he actually doesn't die (very rare)

Dislikes: Wilkins - People who don't drink Wilkins, like Wontkins himself

Wontkins - Wilkins coffee (though he secretly likes it)

Education: Wilkins - Advertising 101 Academy

Wontkins - The, "How to tell you are going to be killed by a lizard thingy" school down the block

Occupation: Wilkins - Coffee salesman

Wontkins - Local butt monkey

Known For: selling coffee, willingly, or not
UnRank: Wilkins - 200

Wontkins - 50½

Promotion: Wilkins was promoted to coffee salesman

The Many Sufferings of Wontkins-2

The Many Sufferings of Wontkins-2

An endless calamity for our blob friend...

Wilkins is a corrupt, insane and sadistic dude who makes sure people feel his wrath when they refuse to drink a brand of Coffee called Wilkins, he participates in a special form of Coffee Worship dedicated entirely to Wilkins, he loves all coffee, and you will be on his hit list if you don't.

Wontkins, on the other hand, is a sane, Wilkins hating blob who dislikes Wilkins, but secretly loves drinking it. He always receives the short end of the Wilkins' stick, and Wilkins himself uses him as an example of who he hates. If Wontkins ever says he dislikes Wilkins, Wilkins himself will murder him in cold blood and then make a joke about it.


Toys Wilkins Wontkins

Wilkins and Wontkins, with Wontkins in his dark ages

Wilkins is a brown, lizard like thing with a big mouth, bigger than his soul, but smaller than his undying passion for his own coffee brand. Wontkins, however, is a red blob with a huge nose and some eyes, he once went through a gothic/emo phase, where he dyed his body blue.


As previously stated, Wilkins is a jerk who puts his coffee brand over everything else, even his own house, he is willing to murder any person who personally dislikes his coffee brand, because it's apparently that good, he casually just murders others at random, and it begins to get pretty scary in no time, he is also a coffeeholic, if you couldn't guess yet. His high caffeine levels are what mainly give him his mean personality.

Wontkins secretly likes Wilkins coffee, but it's mainly a secret, he dosen't show love for the Wilkins brand, and says to hate every last bit of it, leading to his doom, however, he has sometimes admit he likes Wilkins coffee while Wilkins himself was nearby. At one point Wontkins went emo and dyed his body blue, although this phase was short lived, as Wilkins said that this won't fix anything, only a good cup of Wilkins would.

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