Wikivoyage is a website run by Wikimedia. It contains travel guides to places in the Real World. It is a spork of Wikitravel.


Around the same time that Wikibooks, Wikiquote, and Wikisource were created in 2003, some guy other than Jimbo Wales wanted to start his own wiki. He looked around his room for ideas and saw a discarded Lonely Planet travel guide. This is when inspiration struck. He created Wikitravel. In 2006, Wikitravel was acquired by Internet Brands, a company even more evil than Wikimedia. In 2012, some Wikitravel users got tired of Internet Brands bossing them around, so they snuck into a Wikimedia server room, found an unused Wikinews backup server (abandoned since Wikinews doesn't need a backup server, because nobody uses Wikinews) in the basement, and copied all of Wikitravel onto that server. They called their new project "Wikivoyage". Everyone who used Wikitravel loved Wikivoyage, and started editing that wiki instead. Wikitravel still exists, but nobody uses it.

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