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Wii Kill (a clever play on the Wii and the phrase "WE KILL U!") is a shame that was designed by Hollyshame specifically for the Nintendo Wii in 2010. It is unique among shames for it is the only violent shame that can be played on the Wii without hacks, mods, or the Skyrim Shuffle. It is currently ranked #46 on the Top 100 Shames that aren't about Mario. It is also the first shame that utilizes motion sensing technology to create interactive stabbing.

The shame is based on a threefold system. Not really. I just like saying "threefold system". THREEFOLD SYSTEM! It is actually based on a fourfold system: beat, stab, shoot, and explode (a recent update changed the explode to "asplode", which had been demanded by fans for some time). The goal of the shame is to kill as many people as possible. It's sorta like Grand Theft Sesame Street, but there is no storyline whatsoever. Oh, and Wii Kill doesn't hold back on blood and gore.

It was rated 9000+ by every shame rating organization ever. Even the ESRB, and they don't even use numbers in ratings. That's how bad this shame is. All of the pathetic little babies asked that this shame be removed from stores, but then all the smart people pointed out that it's okay to hurt, kill, and disembowel fictional characters in the name of fun. That and we know certain people who take care of people like them.

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