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Ffxi9.JPG Aw shoot, White Bobby can't be eaten by Goombas!

But beware, there may be a lot of Goombas resting in this area that will eat you instead!
" Be gone fiend "
  — Him, attempting to banish captain 1
White bobby (the wawa-cop)
White Bobby.png
Gender: Male (presumably)
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Unknown
UnBirthday: 20-1-2021
Zodiac: Capricorn ♑
Death: He is alive
Likes: Happiness
Dislikes: Unhappiness
Occupation: Prison guard

The white bobby is a clone of Bobby (the cop) and is what happens when you put Red Bobby (the wa-cop) into the Wa-Machine 2.0 again.

He is a very formidable foe because he can lead a pipe that can be set on fire on will known as the "pipe down".

He is a guard at The Wall and is presumbly religious. Most people who he beats down never attempt to escape again.

He also has two clones of himself that live in a secret room behind a poster somewhere in Soviet Russia. He is also immune to being eaten by Goombas.

He is NOT Pyro tf2.

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