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Epic cover assembled by Dr. Robotnik himself!

Wheel of Promotion! is a shame made for the Game Boi. It was made by Dr. Robotnik when he decided he wanted to be the good guy in a shame. Of course, the shame had to have Promotion in it, so he decided a shame like this would work perfectly. However, it didn't, and I shot people because I got mad

Wheel of Promotion! is a disgrace to the Game Boi, the Robotnik Family, Promotion, and most of all, to you, because you were stupid enough to read the article about it, even though you should know very well that this makes no sense whatsoever. Oh, and I hate you for this.

Wheel of Promotion! is currently not sold in stores, because Dr. Robotnik was so embarrassed by this... embarrassment. He was disgusted, so he threatened the King until he took the shame off of the shelves. Dr. Robotnik also received three years in prison just for making such a terrible shame, but he did not serve it, because he said no.

Oh, right! I was so busy ranting, I forgot to tell you what this shame was actually about! To play this shame, the player must hit a button to spin the wheel. Then, it says "PROMOTION!" or "DEMOTION!" If it says Promotion, you win. If it says Demotion, you lose. Then the shame turns off, and your Game Boi spontaneously explodes.

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