Wheatley is a big metal ball who likes to call you fat and a moron, He is met at the Aperture Science Lab where every human is either trapped or killed. He once trapped Porky Minch in the SUPER SAFE THINGY MABOB when Porky stumbled upon his lair in Jerkworld. He once took over the facilty and made all the tests turn deadly. Wheatley also is sent to Space with Space Core/ Thats how he landed im Jerkworld as Space Core fell into the Sun.

Glados an already evil robot thingy, was stopping Wheatley from becoming famous then some idiot test subject from nowhere became famous for killing Glados and getting cake. The Aperture Science lab was rebuilt and then Wheatley decided to turn up from nowhere to take over it. In fact, they both wanted to kill Chell and use her skin as a mixture for their new cake.


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