West Poland Flag

The flag, obviously designed after Po.

West Poland

The location of West Poland, capital is Wroclaw.

West Poland (Officially the Fascist Republic of Poland) is the fascist western portion of Poland led by Po, bordering the communist eastern portion of Poland known as East Poland, led by Megatron.


West Poland and East Poland were once united as a monarchy ruled by Po, but then during the years of 5012 - 5015, it got invaded by a communist named Megatron, who then invaded the Eastern portion, containing Pokyo (Later Warsaw).

That event during 5012 - 5015 was a war that was then named the Polish Split (Also known as the Poland War).

The end result was a stalemate and West Poland and East Poland became independent republics.

Thanks to the Polish Split, Po's new country capital is Wroclaw thanks to Megatron invading East Poland, and that Pokyo (Later Warsaw) is in the east.



Po, the fascist dictator of West Poland

The Flag was obviously designed after Po, and Tinky Winky had the idea of designing it after her with the colors and the "television" in the center of the flag.


West Poland is a fascist republic dictatorship led by Po, and only believe in Nazism. They kill anybody who doesn't look or act like Po and the rest of the teletubbies. They also kill those who don't believe in Nazism.


  • West Poland means "West land of Po"
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