A map of Hyrule


Flag of West Hyrule

West Hyrule, also known as Flanders, used to be west of East Hyrule. Actually, most of people call it just "Hyrule" because The King lives here, and this is the last area of Hyrule that is still led by Hyrule.

It used to be Hyrule, but Bowser, Squadala Man Man, And Morshu caused the Hyrulian Civil War, and now it is West Hyrule. It is now like the old west here.

West Hyrule is a beautiful land of forests and rivers. The capital of West Hyrule - Hyrule Castle - is located in the middle of the small desert in City of the King.

Someone threw a Squadala Bomb on it and it ASPLOADED. The people are currently rebuilding West Hyrule. Of course, all of the construction people secretly work for Fake Bowser, who is under Super Eviler Bowser's mind control. This makes it worse, not better. The Lou is still trying to take this place over but his minions keep getting killd by the Dinner Blaster. In 2017, it was rebuilt and the King conquered South Korea.

West Hyrule is the main rival of the Weegee Army.

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