West Brazil Flag

The flag, obviously derives from Brazil's and takes inspiration from “Dipsy” the former leader of West Brazil.

West Brazil (Officially the Fascist Republic of Brazil) is the fascist portion of Brazil led by Brulk Rogan. It borders the Communist East Brazil to the east, the Islamic and Terrorist South Brazil to the south, and the Juche North Brazil to the north.

The capital of West Brazil is Porto Velho.


West Brazil

Exact location of West Brazil, before the forming of Bruzil. The capital is Porto Velho.

West Brazil was once united with East, South, and North Brazil as a federal democracy ruled by Dilma Rousseff. During February 5016 - June 5016, Dipsy, Diesel 10, Bruticus, and M. Bison teamed up and went into war with Dilma Rousseff so they can have their own sections of Brazil for the each of them.

The war taking place during February 5016 - June 5016 was called the Brazilian Divide.


The flag of West Brazil (Along with its bordering country brethren) obvious derived from the original flag of Brazil. Plus by extension, the flag was designed after Nazi Germany's flag and Dipsy himself.


West Brazil is a fascist republic dictatorship led by Brulk Rogan, and only believe in fascism. He kills anybody who dares to defy him or speak against said ideolgy.

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