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Not to be confused with Bowser's daughter Wendy O. Koopa.

Wendy's is the moderately successful fast food restaurant owned by Wendy. It was created in response to the success of McDonald's, but it wasn't as good. The only good thing about Wendy's is the Frosty. Wendy's is better than McDonald's in the fact that most of the food won't kill you, and is better than Burger King because Burger King is ruled by a delusional madman. But Wendy's food tastes like crap, so Nobody goes there.

Wendy's was created literally five minutes after McDoanld's opened. Wendy saw how successful Ronald McDonald was in those few minutes, and she opened the restaurant. Unfortunately for Wendy, nobody liked Wendy's and Everybody liked McDonald's more. Wendy just sat in a corner and pouted.

Wendy then had a great idea. She took ice cream, put it in a cup, and called it a drink. The Frosty became the most popular product in Wendy's. Wendy was almost able to make her restaurant more popular than McDonald's, but then Ronald McDonald invented the Big Mac. Shortly afterwards, The King of Burgers came to her and requested an alliance against McDonald's. Not knowing of the King's madness, she agreed. They fought in the Burger War, and Wendy was killed by Ronald McDonald. Wendy's has been a failure ever since.


Wendy's Burger

Wendy's quality food.

Item Description Price
Burger 100% Beef patty. No buns, just a patty. $20
Real Burger A burger with buns, cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, and mayo $300
Real Burger With Extra Cheese A real burger with two slices of cheese $9001
Frosty Ice Cream in a cup $50
Double Frosty A Frosty with twice the ice cream $200
Mega Frosty A Frosty with a cherry on top $500
Double Mega Frosty A double Frosty with a cherry on top $12000
Frosty of the Gods A Frosty that is larger than the restaurant it is made in* $5
DINNER Actually just a Frosty $25000
Not a Frosty It's just a Frosty that costs a dollar extra. Talk about false advertising! $51

*Wendy's is not responsible for any incidents or effects that may be caused by consuming or attempting to consume the Frosty of the Gods. The Frosty of the Gods is not to be taken lightly or intended for small children, the elderly, or mere mortals. Side effects may include heart failure, temporary coma, green pigmentation, dangerously high heart rate, explosion, implosion, frostbite, and in some cases, death. Do not eat the Frosty of the Gods if you are nursing or pregnant. Frosty of the Gods is copyright and trademarked by Wendy's. Some restrictions may apply.

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