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I'm the Flying Bowser!
Full name: Flying "Wellerman" Dutchman
Gender: Male
Hair color: Green
Eye color: Green
Age: OVER 9000
Species: Human (Formerly)
Weight: 12 firkins
Home: Billy o' Tea
Alive or Dead?: Dead
Death: Included in Kamp Koral
Likes: Flying
Dislikes: Being EarthBound
Known For: The most feared pirate of the 7 seas
Powers: Flying
Speaking Dutch
Flame Breath
Ghost Powers
Alignment: Neutral Evil
UnRank: 863,349

The Wellerman (also known as the Flying Dutchman) is a sailor from North Hyrule. He wanted to conquer the Bikini Bottom, but instead got PWNed, even though he had a Pokémon from Spongebob's cereal box.



He was appointed by the Emperor, Bowser to become a sailor to conquer an underwater city a thousand miles away. So the Wellerman was put to sea along with his ship Billy o' Tea, and bought sugar and tea and rum. His ship is female because ships are grammatically feminine. For some reasons, when his ship sailed across, the creatures underneath sang "Soon may the Wellerman come to bring us sugar and tea and rum. One day, when the tonguing is done, we'll take our leave and go" twice. That inspired him to make a rip-off shame of Flappy Bird, and it shares the same name of the creator. You can play it here.


Before the boat had hit the water, Pearl Krabs's tail came up and caught her, including the Wellerman himself. He sank below and drowned. He then became a green ghost who resides in Bikini Bottom.

Crimes he made in Bikini Bottom

Since he did not follow the rules of Bikini Bottom, he was roundhouse kicked by Chuck Norris into the 7th Dimension, then included in Kamp Koral for good measure.

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