Weird al PAC man

Weird Al n' Pac-Man is an arcade shame created, developed, licensed, sold, and stolen by Namco. Upon release, it was praised for being so terrible, it is actually fun to play just because people hate it so much. Weird Al n' Pac-Man gained much publicity for this shame.

Shameplay (Don't read, there isn't any.)

Weird Al n' Pac-Man is just another Pac-Man shame, except instead of being in a maze, Pac-Man is with Weird Al. Since they are not in a maze, the Maze-Ghost Effect does not take place, and the Pac-Land Ghosts do not go after Pac-Man. There are also no Dots, so Level 1 can not be won.

There are actually 20 levels, but they are all exactly the same: Weird Al dances while Pac-Man runs around the screen. Mods are needed to access levels 2-20 due to the poor creation of the shame. There is also a mod that can make dots appear, but there is a 99.99% chance the shame will blow up if it is used.

Reception (Don't read, you know it sucked.)

Weird Al n' Pac-Man critics have a few main points when they are insulting the shame. First of all, they are bored, and have nothing better to do. But after that, they always start by criticizing the lack of creativity in the shame. Everybody knows it has zero creativity or effort in its making.

After that, people tend to point out that you can not even play it, because there is no goal, and it is impossible to win. In fact, several angry mobs ran into the HQ of Namco to start crying about it, and the Police had to help out, by giving the mob people torches.

Despite these issues, Biased Ratings gave the game a 9000/10, however, Squadala Ratings gave it a -1/10.

Aftermath (Don't read, math is stupid.)

According the Namco, the shame was a huge success. In fact, the only downfall was the fact that is costs $1,000,000,000 to make a shame like this, and they made $123 from it. Added to the fact that they were already in debt ($999,999,999,999,999,999,999 to be exact), this wasn't exactly great.

This was the last major Pac-Man shame ever made, because Mario and Sonic were so awesome, Namco went out of business, and Pac-Man had to focus more on ruling an entire country than starring in shames.

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